recent and upcoming talks

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See here for more information about how to collaborate with me on a talk or panel.


  • University of California-Irvine, School of Education, 1/25/21
  • Google Education, Google, 1/26/21
  • University of California-Berkeley, Department of Sociology, 2/1/21
  • SUNY-Albany, Department of Sociology, 2/2/21
  • University of California-Davis, Department of Sociology, 2/5/21
  • Loyola University Chicago, Department of Sociology, 3/4/21
  • University of Pennsylvania, Department of Communication, 3/5/21
  • University of California-Merced, Department of Sociology, 3/5/21
  • University of California-Santa Barbara, Department of Sociology, 3/9/21
  • University of California-Berkeley, Social Science Matrix, 3/9/21
  • Columbia University, Teachers College, 3/9/21
  • Midwest Sociological Society, 3/19/21
  • University of Michigan, Department of Sociology, 4/12/21
  • University of Notre Dame, Center for Research on Educational Opportunity, 4/12/2
  • University of Washington, Department of Sociology, 4/19/21
  • Google Fiber, Google, TBA
  • Washington State University, TBA



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