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E-mail: matt.rafalow(at)gmail.com


University of California, Irvine
PhD in Sociology, 2016

Columbia University, Teachers College
MA in Sociology and Education, 2010


Education, Youth, Digital Technology (Design, Digital Divides, Platformed Creation), Culture, Research Design, Qualitative and Mixed Methods


Staff Researcher, Google (2021 – Present)

Sr. Researcher, Stanford Ethnography Lab (2021 – Present)

Sr. Researcher, Google (2018 – 2021)

Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley (2019 – 2021)

Researcher, Google (2016 – 2018)


Rafalow, Matthew H. 2020. Digital Divisions: How Schools Create Inequality in the Tech Era. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. [Link*CITAMS Best Book Award Winner, SOE Pierre Bourdieu Book Award Honorable Mention

Ito, Mizuko, Crystle Martin, Rachel Cody Pfister, Matthew H. Rafalow, Katie Salen and Amanda Wortman. 2018. Affinity Online: How Connection and Shared Interest Fuel Learning. New York: NYU Press. [Link]


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Rafalow, Matthew H. and Jessica M. Kizer. 2017. “Mommy Markets: Racial Differences in Lesbians’ Dating Preferences for Women with Children.” Journal of Lesbian Studies. [Link] [Open access pre-print]

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Rafalow, Matthew H. 2014. “Fashioning Learning: Connected Learning through Fashion Design.” Case report for the Connected Learning Research Network. Irvine, CA: Digital Media and Learning Research Hub. [PDF]

Rafalow, Matthew H. 2014. “The Digital Divide in Classroom Technology Use: A Comparison of Three Schools.” International Journal of Sociology of Education 3(1): 67-100. [PDF]

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Rafalow, Matthew H. 2013. “Gender Theories in Education.” In Sociology of Education: An A-to-Z Guide, ed. James Ainsworth. SAGE publications. [Link] [Draft PDF]

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